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We provide international shipping options with free and easy returns.
We provide international shipping options with free and easy returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upavon Foam Cutters FAQs

Q: How do I stop my Gunville and Big Game Foam Cutters blunting?

A: Avoid cutting directly onto a hard surface, either use a rubber mat or another peice of foam. Alternatively drill through the block horizontal to the work surface rather than downward onto it.


Q: Why are my smaller Gunville Foam Cutters not cutting as smoothly as the larger sizes?

A: For best results when using the smaller cutters, push through the foam much slower to prevent compression and acheive a smoother cut. Maintain a fast drill speed but really take your time and allow the cutter to do the work.

Q: Do i need to lunbricate my Gunville and Big Game Foam Cutters?

A: Sometimes the larger sizes can get hot, although lubrication isn't essential it is recommended for the Big Game cutters.


Q: How do I lubricate my Gunville and Big Game Foam Cutters?

A: A 50/50 split solution of detergent and water or silicone spray acheive best results. Simply apply a small quantity to the tip of the cutter.


Q: Can I sharpen my Gunville and Big Game Foam Cutters?

A: Yes of course. They are manufactured with tool grade stainless steel and can either be sharpened on a smooth grinding stone or fitted to a drill and rotated against a fine file or whetstone at a 20 degree angle.

Rod Ruler Fish Measure FAQs

Q: Will the Fish Measure damage my rod?

A: No, they are safe for use on any surface.


Q: Will the Fish Measure fit my rod?

A: They can be cut to fit the length of the sections for any rod, from 7ft to 15ft, 4pc to 2 pc, fly and spin.


Q: Are the Upavon Fish Measures weather resistant?

A: Yes they are, but only when applied properly (see below). You must ensure that the vinyl strip follows the curves in the rod and no air is captured beneath. This is how water will Ingres and cause failure.


Q: How do I best apply my Upavon Fish Measure?

A: Please follow the details below to ensure your Fish Measure is fitted properly. The recommended application temperature is between 50-75°f or 10-24°C.

  1. If required, tape the rod to a surface to keep it still.

  2. Use the alcohol wipe to prepare the rod surface and dry before application.

  3. Measue the tape along the rod and cut to length where the sections join as required.

  4. Start with the logo end first, applying it to the opposite side of the rod to the manufacturers artwork/branding.

  5. Apply the first couple of cm of the decal, lifting the backing as you apply, ensuring you dont stretch of crinkle the vinyl, checking that it is straight as you go. If not, then you can peel off and start again at this stage.

  6. It is critical that you take time to ensure the vinyl follows the curves in the blank, in particular around the rod eyes, leaving no air pockets or gaps that would assist water ingress.

  7. Once fully applied, use a dry cloth to rub out any residual air and shape the vinyl into the curves.


Gift Card FAQs

Q: Can a gift card be used more than once?

A: Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.


Q: Can more than one gift card be used towards a purchase?

A: Yes. A customer can redeem another gift card during checkout.


Q: Can a gift card be used to buy a gift card?

A: No, you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.


Q:Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?

A: Yes, gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.


Q: Can gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?

A: Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.


Shipping FAQs

Please refer to our shipping policy here for details.

Q: I ordered my items yesterday have they been despatched?

A: You will receive a despatch notification via email once your order is manifested (please check your junk folder), please allow for up to 2 working days handling time for all orders.

Q: Do you provide international shipping?

A: Yes, we ship globally.