Wynd Tackle Bynder Rig & Fly Box

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Exclusive to Upavon Fly Fishing in Europe.

This fly box solves a problem that has existed for quite sometime now, that is the storage and securing of multiple fly rigs in a protective manner. The modular center foam page allows for easy wynding and securing of flies that are rigged with tippet. Now a fly angler has a box to pack full of flies along with dry-droppers and nymph rigs that will be protected and secured.

The Wynd Bynder is a simple fly box that is packed with features and functions. The living hinge design is common in everyday use, combined with the right materials it can conduct millions of articulations before failure. Wynd have had these under testing for a year now without any major issues.

Dimensions: L12.5cm W10cm D3.5cm


  • Store 176 flies
  • Store 9 rigs
  • Modular foam rig page
  • Latches open and closed
  • Lightweight
  • Aids in quick fly change
  • 1 year warranty

Additional rig foam and replacement cover foam sold seperately.