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Gear Keeper Retractor Mini Snap Clip


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The Gear Keeper Mini Snap Clip is a 6oz retractor designed for holding your tools and gear and keeping them close by for efficient use.

This retractor can hold pliers, 2AA flashlights, small GPS units, light meters, multiple fly tools and more. It has a high 60lb nylon coated stainless steel cable with a 28” extension and is ideal for holding heavy tools.

The retracting end has a quick connect plastic mechanism which allows easy connection and disconnection of your gear. The retracting end includes a key ring to attach your tools.

The Gear Keeper Mini Snap Clip is built with stainless steel spring and hardware and is also salt waterproof for maximum durability.


  • Nylon coated stainless steel cable
  • 60lb breaking strain
  • 6oz retraction force
  • 28” extension
  • Salt waterproof
  • Stainless steel spring and hardware