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Wychwood Game Fly Fishing Kits (New 2024)

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Wychwood Fly Fishing Kits:

Wychwood Fly Fishing Kits are suitable for beginners and seasoned anglers alike, offering a range that covers all aspects of the sport from high finesse river and stream fishing right through to vast windswept reservoir fishing.

Consisting of our forgiving multi modulus through action 4-piece carbon fly rod, heavy duty zip top rod tube, lightweight graphite fly reel pre-spooled with weight forward floating fly line and backing, two tapered Monofilament leaders, and fly box with 8 assorted flies; everything you need to get you out and catching fish.

8'6" - 4/5, :

This Light weight and well-balanced outfit is the perfect small river and stream setup, whether you are fishing for trout on gin clear chalk streams or even coarse fish like Chub and Dace, this kit has it covered.

9' – 5/6, :

This incredibly versatile outfit is perfect for small commercial still waters and bigger rivers where that extra distance and control is required.

9'6" - 6/7, :

The 9’6” outfit bridges the gap between larger still waters and occasional reservoir fishing the perfect setup for when that extra distance is required.

10' - 7/8, :

The 10’ outfit is the ideal large reservoir setup, be it from the boat or bank, or even the occasional sea trout or light salmon fishing. This setup has also accounted for a number of large fly caught carp during the testing process so has proven itself to be a real powerhouse of an outfit.

Included in the kit:

  • Multi modulus 4 Pc carbon fly rod
  • Heavy duty zip top rod tube
  • Light weight graphite fly reel
  • Weight forward fly line and braided backing (Pre loaded)
  • 8 assorted flies
  • Fly box
  • 2 tapered monofilament leaders