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Turrall Premium Fly Tying Kit With Case

Turrall による


The Turrall Elite Fly Tying Kit is designed by fly tiers for fly tiers with over 70+ quality materials and tools included. The kit will allow the tier to produce a large range of stillwater and river patterns. Ideal for beginner fly tiers as a complete starter for those who want to begin fly tying or even for those who want to upgrade their fly tying collection or to give as a gift for a fly fisher.

Kit includes but is not limited to the following:

Pheasant Tails, Hen Pheasant Tails, Duck Quills, Turkey Marabou, Ibis sub, Squirrel Tail, Deer Hair, Brown Cock Capes x2, Peacock Herl, Peacock Sword, Mallard Flank, Goose Biots, Marabou Plumes, French Partidge, Ostrich, Rabbit Zonker Strips, Hen Hackles, CDC Feathers, Hare's Ear Dubbing, Golden Pheasant Tippet, Barred Marabou, Nymph Dubbing, Extra Fine Dry Fly Dubbing, UV Straggle Fritz, Medium Fritz, Para Post, UV Fritz, Ice Yarn, Medium Chenille, Body Stretch, Flashabou Dubbing, Chenille Frost, Crinkle Flash, Holo Flash, Frizz Fibre, Fly Foam, Flexi Floss, Nymph Body, Mylar Tubing, Poly Foam Eyes, Medium Gold Beads, Medium Silver Beads, Medium Coneheads, Medium Chain Eyes, Fine Lead Wire Spool, Fine Gold Wire Spool, Fine Silver Wire Spool, Flat Wide Tinsel, Tying Wax, Drax Threads x4 fine and x4 heavy (popular colours), Fine Gold and Silver Tinsel Spools, Nymph Hooks, Sproat Hooks, Fine Dry Fly Hooks, Grub Hooks, Turrall Vice, Cermaic Bobbin Holder, Threader, Dubbing Needle, Whip Finish Tool, Fine Point Scissors, Tying Instruction Book.

Case is a solid duraplas with deep top compartment and three pull out adjustable storage drawers. Case comes complete with strap. Top handle and side storage holders.

Dimension of case: 44cm W x 34cm H x 23cm D