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Upavon UpSilk Natural Silk Dubbing


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Upavon UpSilk Dubbing is blended from 100% natural pure silk and is available in a range of 8 perfectly matched colours. The material features long thin strands and natural high buoyancy which is perfect for delicate dry flies. Best of all this material dubs so effortlessly it does not require any wax applied to the thread, saving weight and retaining those important air pockets to maintain buoyancy. 

- Ultra fine fibres are perfect for small flies from size 14-22.

- Silk is hydrophobic, meaning it is naturally water resistant.

- Silk has a lower specific gravity and it takes longer for water to wick through the fibers.

- UpSilk can also be colored with marking pens without blotting.

- 1g per pack.