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Snowbee Spectre Wrap Sunglasses

da Snowbee

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A modern, open frame design, which are a close fitting wrap-around style, which sits close to your face. Coupled with the wide frame arms, they help eliminate virtually all peripheral light.

All the Spectre Sunglasses are made with lightweight polycarbonate frames, fitted with the latest 1mm TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses which offer outstanding, distortion-free, optical clarity. The polarising filters offer superb glare elimination allowing you to spot fish better and follow their movements. The standard Spectre Sunglasses are available in a lens choice of either Smoke Grey – best for bright light conditions, Amber – best for lower-light conditions or Yellow – ideal for evening and night fishing or under tree cover, due to their ‘light gathering’ properties. In addition, Snowbee have two new lens finishes, one in Electric Blue Mirror finish and one in Green/Yellow Mirror finish – both perfect for bright light conditions, such as those encountered when flats fishing, but equally suitable on the reservoir on bright days.