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Upavon Consultant Team

Upavon Fly Fishing® have assembled a team of professional consultants from across the globe to help design, test and evaluate innovative products to achieve high performance and value for money. 

Chris Rawle (WAL)

Chris has been tying and fly fishing for 36 years and predominantly fishes on the rivers of South Wales or Loch Style competitions as part of Team Airflo. Early engagement in the sport at Wales youth level has given Chris a firm experience base to become a professional fly tier which he has now been doing for almost 10 years underChris Rawle Custom Flies. His flies are popular all over the globe for various species from trout to tarpon and he is best known for his sewin flies (Welsh for sea trout). His prowess makes him a regular at a number of shows including a seat on the prestigious Tyers' Row at the British Fly Fair International.
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Mark Mckeown (SCO)

Mark McKeown is a genuine professional fly tyer based in Scotland. He runs the Comp Candy Trout Flies and personally ties high quality patterns for some of the top anglers in the UK while also catering for the public via his retail website. A competitor for the Soldier Palmers Loch Style fishing team, Mark knows what it takes to design and tie top catching fly patterns using only the best quality materials available.

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Stanton Jack (CAN)

Stanton grew up in Kamloops, B.C., where he spent countless days fly fishing the lakes and rivers in the surrounding area. In his mid-teens, Stanton became an active fly tyer and started designing trout patterns to match the hatches he observed on his local waters. Since then, the art of fly tying and fly fishing for trout has become his true passion. Stanton uses various tying techniques and materials, both old and new, within his design process. A meticulous fly tyer, Stanton's patterns almost look too good to fish with.. Almost! 

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Tim Joyce (ENG)

Tim Joyce is a full time professional level 2 fly fishing coach specialising in bespoke beginners and improver days at Chigboro fisheries in Essex. Tim is a multi capped Loch Style and small waters England International and Guides on Grafham water and other midlands Reservoirs.

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Tony Hopkins (WAL)

Tony Hopkins has been a keen fisherman all his life, learning much from his father in the early days, eventually forming his own company Tyers-Mate®️ in the 1980s to develop his own angling and fly-tying material ranges. With a desire to get just the right colours and combinations to suit all weathers and environments he started to dye and manufacture his own materials. This proved very successful allowing him to work with the biggest names in the game industry home and abroad and gained him the first of many Welsh international caps in the early 90s.