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Top 6 Consistent Stillwater Trout Flies

Top 6 Consistent Stillwater Trout Flies

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With infinite combinations of materials available to anglers these days the number of fly patterns for stillwater trout can be quite eye watering, not to mention confusing. In this months blog, Ben Worley uses 2 decades of experience to share his top 6 consistent stillwater trout flies. We have hyperlinked useful materials for your convenience, enjoy.

1. The Humungous

This fly is renowned for its fish catching prowess throughout the seasons and in all conditions. Its versatility means that it will fish well on a floater or 7ips lines, in particular on big reservoirs where the Humongous has accounted for numerous big resident fish. The white and silver versions are an exceptional fly too, try both and see what works for you. If you aren't converting takes simply trim the tail back until you get lock ups.

humungous fly


Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Black

Head: Gold bead chain eyes.

Body: 3mm or 6mm Upavon Metallic Gold Fritz with grizzle hackle held in with fine wire.

Tail: Black Marabou with Upavon Hummie Flash

Hook: Dohiku HDS Streamer  size 12 or 10.

2. Blue Flash Damsel (Variants). 

Probably the best small water pattern in the anglers arsenal, this fly (and variants of) breed confidence as a go to pattern during trips to new and unknown waters. Weighted and unweighted versions are equally successful , the latter better suited to slow retrieve during the summer months on UK reservoirs when fishing tight to weed beds. Generally best fished on a floater or sink tip, it's worth having a few variations in your box, including a booby. Here's a couple of options for your consideration including a great video from Steve Cullen on YouTube.

Upavon Pure Blue Flash Damsel Straggle Hackle - Upavon Fly Fishing


Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Olive or Orange for a hot head

Head: Painted brass bead or metallic bead chain eyes

Body: Upavon Blue Flash Damsel Straggle 8mm

Tail: Olive Marabou with blue tinsel or Krystal Flash

Hook: Dohiku HDN size 10 (fits IFFA gauge)

3. Pure Tequila Blob.

Well, this list wouldn't be complete without a blob right, and if you don't fish them you're missing out. The variations and combinations are vast, and most are very successful particularly when pulled on a sinking line, but make sure you hang them at the end of the retrieve for bonus hook ups. The foam arsed blob (FAB) variants are great to fish as the anchor for a washing line method. But without doubt for me the most consistent colour combination is the classic orange/yellow Tequila combination - simple yet lethal. Don't forget to tie them on heavyweight hooks! 


Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Orange

BodyUpavon Pure Blob Fritz Fl yellow and Fl Orange

Tail: For FABs use a Gunville Cutter Kit to make a white or yellow foam cylinder, alternatively buy the pre-made ones.

Hook: Dohiku HDB size 10 (fits IFFA gauge)

4. Neon Cat Booby (variations).

Another great pattern that has a multitude of variations is the Cat Booby, but without doubt my best version is this one featuring a matching neon hackle and eyes - not a true Cat Booby but deadly. Best employed on a fast intermediate down to a 5ips line, these flies will catch fish when stroked back but equally as effective on a fast figure of 8 on a washing line setup. An early season favourite for me, again make sure to use strong hooks.


Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk White

Head: Upavon Premium HD Foam cut with Gunville Cutter Kit or buy the pre-made ones to match or simply use white.

BodyUpavon Neon Straggle any preferred colour to match eyes

TailComp Candy White Marabou

Hook: Dohiku HDW size 12 (fits IFFA gauge)

5. The Hare's Ear Nymph (variations).

Dull, drab, boring, dismal, dreary are all words that describe how the Hare's Ear Nymph looks. But beyond the exterior lies one of the most successful and consistent fish slayers available to the modern angler. The sucess behind this pattern lies in its colour and properties when wet, it truly imitates the translucent body of natural nymphs,and infinately better than synthetic alternatives. If I had to only have one type of fly in my box to fish all year it would be the Hare's ear variants, which i'm confident to pick up resident fish and produce under tougher conditions. Use different threads and ribs for varied effects, and obviously a wing case or gold bead won't do any harm. Ensure you use each element of a Hare's mask to blend the correct dubbing.


Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Olive or as required

BodyUpavon Hare's Mask mix and dub

Rib: Upavon Buzzer Wrap Olive or as required, alternatively use gold wire or tinsel.

Tail: Upavon Hare's Mask large pinch of face fur

Hook: Dohiku HDN size 10 (fits IFFA gauge)

 6. Mosaic Leech.

This is a pattern I tested last year on small stillwaters and has proven to be a go to pattern. There are similar flies already available, such as the Vampire Leech, but this one features our original Mosaic Straggle and I beleive provides an edge against the competition. It can be fished on any retreive and best on a floater to interdiate. As with similar patterns, the straggle bushes out and shimmers when static, so watch the line on the drop and don't forget to hang.


Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk Black

Head: Chartreuse 2.5mm Brass Bead

BodyUpavon Mosaic Straggle 8mm

Tail: Black Marabou add a little Krystal Flash if you like

Hook: Dohiku HDW size 12 (fits IFFA gauge)

Well, that's it folks, I really hope that's given you some decent flies to tie on a wet winters day or to get out and catch a few yourself. 

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Tight Lines,


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