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Top 5 Fly Fishing Channels To Follow On Social Media

As we continue to endure another national lock down in the UK and bide our time for better fishing conditions, we find ourselves turning in our droves to social media platforms to scratch the fishing itch.

Here we have outlined our top 5 favourite, most entertaining, eye pleasing or educational channels for your consumption - enjoy.

In no particular order:

1.  Huge Fly Fisherman

Bio: Hey, I’m Ben. I’m a huge fly fisherman. I fish a lot, maybe not as much as you, but more than a lot of people. I’ll fish for anything, and I prefer to do it with a fly rod.  

Ben Sittig is a guide, pro and beer drinker who is just a huge fly fisherman. He loves rafting and hates Tankara. The channel provides advice from, 'how to behave in a tackle shop' to 'fishing superstitions' and generic tackle advice and fishing tips. Great entertainment, finely balanced with sound advice.

Follow Ben on: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Website.

2.  The Fly Lords

Bio: Flylords is a digital-media company focused on flyfishing reaching millions of users a year across all platforms. Through a variety of stories, photos, and videos we provide our audience with a unique and inspiring perspective on the sport of flyfishing. In short...we inspire people to get on the water...

Fly Lords provide high quality fly fishing destination and educational media through their magazine, videos, tips and interviews. This varied content covers the globe, with a distinct focus on conservation - their shop also contributes profits to relevant charities. Aesthetically pleasing, Fly Lords provide some excellent content to keep you entertained for some time.

Follow them on: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Website.

3.  Svend Diesel

Bio: Family, Work, Church, Me. I usually tie flies that don't catch fish, but when they do its awesome.

Svend Svendsson is an innovative and entertaining fly tyer who provides educational fly tying videos and shorts. His blend of modern and traditional techniques, coupled with a quirky sense of humour makes for entertaining viewing - his Instagram stories are top notch, recommended.

Follow Svend on: FacebookInstagramYouTube Website.

4.  Andy Pandy Saunders

 Bio: Tying since I was 10 and Fly Fishing since I was 7 it's my passion and I'm here to share it with you all. Tight Lines AP.

Andy Saunders is an expert fly tyer, photographer, Grayling hunter and all round nice guy. His modern river and stillwater fly tying tutorials are produced to high standards and his social feed provides regular updates on his latest captures. If you want to get better at tying with resin and Grayling flies, Andy is the man to watch.

Follow Andy on: FacebookInstagram & YouTube

5.  Rhys Fishes


Bio: Welcome to Rhys Fishes! Follow me on my fishing adventures. I'll bring you tips and tricks on modern Fly fishing across most of the UK!

Rhys Wadley is a fly tyer and competition angler from Wales, and he's making some fantastic YouTube content. His videos are mostly providing sound, technical advice but also fly tying and fishing adventures. His personable approach makes for easy viewing and the attention to detail in his advice is second to none. A great channel for novices and accomplished anglers alike.

Follow them on: FacebookInstagram & YouTube.


Finally, don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and subscribe for more content via our website.

Tight Lines, 


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